Health Insurance Horror

Posted by Karen R. Allen on Saturday, September 23, 2017

If you're like me in your 20's (or maybe you're in your 20 now) you have little use of health insurance. I remember thinking that I would pay $ 33 a week of my checks just in case, but if I ever raised the price much more I would not give them another penny. It just happened that I worked in the main bank and was able to keep my level bonuses beautiful for my 6-year career with them. I still pay more (and paid much more) in the years I came out of it. Frankly, I do not think I went to the doctor more than twice in six years of group coverage.

When I was 30, I decided to want more freedom on my business schedule. Instead of selling investments and insurance through the bank, I would sell health insurance. I knew I needed health insurance, "just in case," heck, this was the main product right now. However, given my previous experience with health insurance, I was in a hurry to get a new policy. After two weeks in my new job, I applied for health insurance. This was before  Obama Care (ACA) and usually, takes 1-3 weeks to get approval for the new health insurance. About a week after the application was in a terrible accident. The only thing I remember in an ambulance was the doctor who asked if he had health insurance after I said I did not take him to the provincial hospital where he stayed for four and a half days. Two months later, the commissions were lost and the hospital bill was $ 72,000, and I was ready to start work again with a story to warn others about the dangers of not having health insurance. The only time I really need health insurance, I do not have

Maybe I had not covered my medical bills, but one thing I always remind my customers is how well my accident plan paid me. You've made a lot of $ 4.80 in this policy. Two weeks after leaving the hospital, I received a check for more than $ 10,000. If my health policy is approved, I would have paid my rebate and left several thousand in my pocket to continue to "put the food on the table" and pay the bills daily. I am very grateful for the accident policy, but the moral of the story is that a good health plan is something that both pays you and the doctor. Do not wait too long to apply for health coverage and you do not want to have gaps in coverage.

Even if you are right in between posts, expect to cover a group to launch or have not been responsible for this front in the past and get something. It does not have to cost a lot. Payment can be high - $ 60 for the plan. Instead, you have paid the deductible amount of a 7500 hospital plan bill for $ 72,000. Do not go in one day without medical coverage.

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September 23, 2017

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